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Naturopathy is a global health approach that combines herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and body types to help anyone who wishes to regain their balance of life, strengthen their health and display their dream silhouette. Since each body has its specific needs, the work of the naturopath essentially comes down to decoding the unique language of each anatomy in order to bring the individual to a higher level of self-sustainment in terms of their health.

Nutritionist with female patient
120,00 $

Initial Evaluation Session

Duration — 1h30
  • Opening of the file and overall health assessment: evaluation of your lifestyle, your food tastes, your daily energy levels and your various sources of stress.
  • Identification of your body type and targeted recommendations (food, physical activities, rest, cravings, etc.).
  • Specific recommendations according to your results.
Appointment with dietician


45,00 $

Follow-Up Meeting

Duration - 30min to 1 hour
  • Evaluation of your results from week to week
  • Exercises adapted to your body type through their forms, durations and intensities
  • Simple and effective recipes, tips and advice to guide you to a healthy lifestyle and better quality of life

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