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Feet Treatments

We tend to neglect our feet and yet they are the ones that support us all day. Imprisoned and forgotten most of the time, they deserve a break. Come see us and offer softness and beauty to your feet! 

Our session begins with a soaking then a scrub to get rid of dead skin and soften the feet. The pedicure continues with the cutting and filing of the nails. The feet are then gummed with a rasp to remove calluses on the soles, on the outer side of the heels and big toes. The pedicure ends with a hydrating massage. Application of a varnish is optional.

50,00 $

Full Treatment - Without Varnish

Duration — 1h15
Cropped view of woman getting a pedicure at beauty salon
65,00 $

Full Treatment - With Varnish

Duration — 1h30

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