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Body Treatments

Take care of your skin from head to toes and indulge yourself with tailor-made body care experiences. Whether for beauty or relaxation needs, our skin care treatments will bring you well-being and comfort. An exfoliation of the whole body is strongly recommended at each new season. This treatment will rid your epidermis of dead cells while stimulating cell renewal, allowing you to regain healthy and soft skin.

beautiful young woman getting back massage at spa salon
120,00 $
 - VIP 102.00 $

Back care

Duration — 1h15

Here is our favorite back treatment that combines cleansing, detoxification and hydration. 

  • Deep back cleansing 
  • Exfoliation 
  • Extirpation of comedones 
  • Mask 
  • Hydration 


59,00 $

Light Therapy

Duration — 30 min

Similar to plants that obtain their growth energy from sunlight through photosynthesis, infrared light therapy harnesses specific and proven wavelengths to stimulate a natural response in human tissue. These specific wavelengths can strengthen blood circulation, accelerate tissue repair, soothe muscle pain, relieve joint stiffness and improve the overall performance of cells at the microscopic level.

Daily spa concept


Duration - 45 min
Relaxed woman enjoying hot stone massage in spa
120,00 $

Full Body Exfoliation & Hot Stone Massage

Duration — 1h15

This treatment is ideal for indulging in deep relaxation, cleansing dead skin from the body through exfoliation and detoxification of the lymph activated by the movement of hot stones.

A real relaxation!

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