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Retinol Advanced Night Cream

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Retinol Advanced Night Cream

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This Retinol Advanced anti-aging gradual release microencapsulated Retinol night cream is designed to give you maximum results with minimum irritation. This essential night treatment:

  • Helps speed up the renewal of your skin by removing dead cells.
  • Helps reduce and prevent visible signs of aging.
  • Tones the skin, and improves its texture and radiance.


Supple, smooth skin; a radiant complexion and reduced wrinkles!

Usage advice : 

After applying the treatment lotion, gently apply Retinol Advanced Night Cream in the evening on the face. A feeling of heat and small redness may appear during the first days. In the morning, apply a GM Collin moisturizer followed by suitable sun protection.

Frequency :

Layer 3 to 4 pumps on top of the appropriate concentrate every 2 nights for the first week, then every night for the following weeks.

Once started, use it within 12 weeks.

Store the product away from light and heat.

Do not apply this product in case of medical treatment of acid-based vitamin A, a series of peels or lora medication for acne, or a combination of these.

Use of this product is not recommended during pregnancy.

Dominant ingredients:

  • Gradual Retinol Release System
  • Soybean extract of glycine
  • Q10 peptide
  • Matrixyl 3000

Manufacturer : GM Collin

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