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Nature's Sunshine


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Features and Benefits

  • Nature's Sunshine K is a traditional herbal diuretic to increase urine flow.
  • May help treat fluid retention.
  • Stimulates the kidneys to eliminate waste.

Directions for use (adults) : take 2 capsules 3 times a day with a meal.

Medicinal ingredients: each capsule contains 152.5 mg of leaves of Petroselinum crispum (parsley); 104.3 mg of berries of Juniperus communis (juniper); 81.8 mg of uva-ursi (Bearberry) leaves and 76.4 mg of Taraxacum officinale (dandelion) root.

Non-medicinal ingredients : gelatin and maltodextrin.

Risk Info : Do not consume uva ursi (Bearberry) if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This product should not be used in case of kidney disease. If symptoms persist for more than a week or in case of accidental overdose, consult a health care practitioner.

Manufacturer: Nature's Sunshine

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